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 Cash's KD Stuff

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Gang Thug

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PostSubject: Cash's KD Stuff   Cash's KD Stuff I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 6:02 am

I had made a good number of stages and characters for KD, so I decided to share some with you guys. Keep in mind though that I'm still figuring out the basics of the KD Map Editor so alot of the stages in this post are old and generally copies of Stage08 (which is the easiest to edit). That said, you can just copy the .dat file and the Stage08_data file for Stage08 to use these and you should be good to go.

All stages were made in Ultimate Paint, which doesn't sap away the colors when it saves the image as a 256 color bmp.

Anyways, onto our stages...

Cash's KD Stuff Stage14Cash's KD Stuff Stage14_select

Cash's KD Stuff Stage15
Cash's KD Stuff Stage15_select

Cash's KD Stuff Stage16
Cash's KD Stuff Stage16_select

Cash's KD Stuff Stage17
Cash's KD Stuff Stage17_select

Cash's KD Stuff Stage18
Cash's KD Stuff Stage18_select

Cash's KD Stuff Stage19
Cash's KD Stuff Stage19_select

I'll post my custom characters later on. Cheers now~!
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The Gang Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Cash's KD Stuff   Cash's KD Stuff I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 6:52 pm

Wow. Really cool stages! Nice job! Cool
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Maou Erebus
Gang Thug
Maou Erebus

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Cash's KD Stuff Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cash's KD Stuff   Cash's KD Stuff I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 1:32 am

Back and with some characters I've had for...quite a while. They're some of my first including my 'normals' and some 'ubers' who have high to max stats and worth some challenge in fighting.

I was even so bored as to write up their bios! Normals starting first, Ubers second.

Cash - The self proclaimed "Sexy Fist" of Honwa High School, and long time friend of Matt. Cash is noted for being brash and impulsive, never one to think things through completely and relies solely on his instinct and physical strength to solve any problem that stands before him. Cash was born with Majin Blood (much like Asura) but his seems to be latent and is only triggered when certain events key into his emotions. Has a secret weapon known as the 'Big Bang' that he claims none have 'seen coming'.

Matt - Cash's long time friend since elementary and known for his usage of the Aura Punch technique. Matt has known Cash ever since he met him in the 4th grade, and the two share an odd kinship. Unlike Cash, Matt has a calm and collected disposition, making him a bit more observant than his cap wearing buddy. At times, Matt finds himself getting into alot of trouble thanks to Cash's reckless behavior, because of this Matt is usually seen showing his frustration toward Cash. However despite this, Matt sticks by Cash regardless of what trouble they get into. The headband he wears was a gift from his ex-girlfriend.

Dirk - A second year student at Asagawa Industrial High School and known for his knowledge about 'Super Shots'. Dirk is a fairly laid back individual and likes to think rationally about situations, using his intellect and calculative nature to decipher problems and tackle enemies. However, he lacks any real combat strength and, while he's a smart student who excels academically, he's seen as physically weak and therefore never relied on when something concerning a fight comes up. Dirk is close friends with Derek, the fellow second year saving him from the elite gangs in and around Entei Private Academy. Derek knows of Dirk's special move the Asshuku Shot, to which Dirk can guide any object he throws.

Derek - Resident cool cat of Asagawa Industrial High School and a second year student. Derek is laid back and lives up to his reputation of being the 'cool brotha of Asagawa Industrial High'. However, beneath this lies a rather arrogant person who has alot of confidence in his own strength and isn't afraid to show it with his 'Tame Punch', a skill that charges energy into one's fist and unleashes it in one devastating punch. Derek befriended Dirk after he saved him from the elite gangs of Entei Private Academy, the second year student idolizing his strength and following him in hopes of growing stronger. Derek also has a weakness for women and is easily swayed by a pretty face.

Bruce (Bear) - An imposing and burly third year student at Sasoyama Agricultural High School. A prodigy at grapples and Judo, he is feared for his phenomenal strength but, mocked for his lack of speed and plump physique. Bear sees Cash as a threat to his school and turf because of his Majin Blood and seeks to put him down if the need ever arises. Bear is cholic and easily angered, only the simpliest of annoyance being enough to set him off. Even so, he has a good heart and a strong sense of justice despite his anger management issues.

Samual (Sam) - A quick footed kung fu enthusiast who's a first year student at Raidou High School. Sam's speed is thanks to his Majin Blood, with it he is able to outrun any student. However, his body is frail and thus the Majin Blood puts a heavy toll on his physical constitution. It is rumored that Sam could have mastered the Nitro Port technique (a blindingly fast move that is said to have only been mastered by Mochizuka Shun of Reihou Academy), but Sam's physical state was only able to handle the 'Bakuretsu Kick'. Sam is a close friend to the Asagawa student, Bear, and admires him for his immense strength. Bear seems to also protect Sam from bullies.

- The "Devas", which are the ubers of the characters posted. Have fun beating them~ -

Asura - The "Demon God" and all around powerful fighter from Entei Private Academy. Several years ago, he went by the name of 'David' and appeared to be on good terms with Cash and Matt. However, something began changing in him, an ancient evil that had laid dorment in his blood ever since his birth. The Majin Blood is what caused his transformation from David to the cruel and malicious "Asura". Asura's Majin Blood allows him is a 'jack of all trades' and allows him to use an aresanal of different skills at random. His name is derived from the word 'Asura', which are high ranking demons in Hindu Mythology.

Gane - The "Unmoving Fortress" and essentially a walking tank from Hakutaka Industrial High School. Has incredible defenses and endurance that far exceed average human limitations. This is actually a form of his Majin Blood 'Oni Body' which greatly increases his endurance and defense but trades it off by making him painfully slow. Many of his allies said that they can easily out run Gane...by simply walking. Has a silent, yet simple-minded disposition and often times doesn't speak. His name is derived from 'Ganesha', a prodominant deity in Hindu mythology.

Hanu - The "Frightful Monkey" and a quick footed grappling master from Seiyou High School. His throwing power is unmatched and he's mastered the Mach Chop, making his strikes extremely fast and hard to counter. He's regarded as the weakest of the Devas as he's something of a Glass Cannon, with the lowest endurance and will usually be the first to go down in a fight if the opponent is strong enough to overpower him. Has an odd complex, where in he appears arrogant but, at heart, is a huge coward. His name is derived from 'Hanuman', a famous monkey like deity in Hindu mythos.

Vaj - The "Mach Lightning" and a speedy kung fu fighter from Asagawa Industrial High. Infamously, the fastest of the Devas and incredibly hard to hit. His Majin Blood allows him to use both the Nitro Port skill and has also unlocked the ability to Teleport. Likes fighting worthy opponents. His name is derived from 'Vajra', a weapon used by the god, Indra.

Indra - The "Techmaster" and a smug smartass from Seiyou High School. Rivaling Dirk in his knowledge of Super Shots, Indra is well known for being analyical . Seems to have mastered the Yamada Arts. As stated before, he's a smug smartass, and regarded as the 'troll' of the Devas. His name is derived from the god of the same name in Hindu mythology.

Vish - The "All Ender" and the Devas trump card that hails from Sasoyama Agricultural High School. While having no offensive abilities, Vish's powers all seem to be latent one of his most well known being his "Madness Adreneline" which appears to be a more powerful version of Cash's Majin Blood. His name is derived from 'Vishnu' a powerful deity from Hindu mythos.


That's all for now. Have any questions, comments, or critique? Feel free to post'em here~

Also, note, I'm actually the original poster of this thread. I just couldn't log into that profile anymore due to some...'problems' :V
Cash's KD Stuff AttachmentCharFace.bmp
Character faces
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(30 Kb) Downloaded 15 times
Cash's KD Stuff AttachmentCharData.txt
Their data and stats.
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(1 Kb) Downloaded 5 times
Cash's KD Stuff AttachmentCashHead.bmp
Cash's Head sprites. Paste it in your Head.bmp file.
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(6 Kb) Downloaded 5 times
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Gang Thug

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PostSubject: Re: Cash's KD Stuff   Cash's KD Stuff I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 1:46 am


the best is the stage of suika XD
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PostSubject: Re: Cash's KD Stuff   Cash's KD Stuff I_icon_minitime

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Cash's KD Stuff
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