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 how to creat a Game and make it online in general.??

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PostSubject: how to creat a Game and make it online in general.??   Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:30 pm

i'm thinking to make a game (online) and i will start making it directly after my graduate from university. (hopefuly after 2.5 years) .
and i just want to know HOW to make a game (in general , to have idea) [not flash] and how to make it online (again in general).
what i want to know is what programs should i use (eg:visual basic c++) and what language (eg:c++,c,java) and all these sort of thing. i guess some of you guyz would probably knowsome basics.?
i'll start this project after 2.5 years so i hope any posts and updates from you guyz will be helpful.
[ I'm actualy thinking of making a big game (like: world of war craft) {AFTER I GRADUATE} i know what your saying "THIS IS TOTALY ..........." but ofcorse i wont be alone i would work with a big group of people and try to reach as much as i can]
i just want to take tips for small online games before i start with my BIG one

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how to creat a Game and make it online in general.??
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